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EAQI embodies a passion for dealing with scammers, fraudsters and unethical figures in power. EAQI wants to empower consumers to protect their wallets and we steadily inform to protect their minds. We understand how it feels to deal with an unethical bank or to be bewildered by collections law firms whose abusive methods are validated by the court or to wonder whether it is safe to make a purchase online.


Through spreading awareness EAQI will help you fight for justice. Moving along quietly after experiencing fraud is no longer acceptable. Covid-19 has been EAQI's call to action to no longer be quiet. Covid-19 has inspired  an exponential increase in scams and fraudulent behavior. Predatory scammers are ruthlessly taking advantage of a vulnerable period.  EAQI is here to force accountability. EAQI vows to fight against economic exploitation and to take necessary measures to prevent this influx of dirty business from being our new normal. EAQI asks you stand with us against this "new normal".


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I feel the leaves when they quaketh,

from a mysterious chill, 

that harketh the sleep to awaketh,

Is it akin to the chill,

that commandeth me to shaketh?

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