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EAQI is dedicated to protecting your wallet from financial abuse such as dirty business tactics, scams, fraudulent behavior, exploitation and the unethical. EAQI stands for Empowering consumers through Accountability, Questioning and Investigation.
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Official Policy: Let's Just Throw Away All the Food

Looks delicious right! What if I presented all this food to you  just to throw it away. That's right, it is a situation so shocking that I didn't even advertise this article until now. In the midst of a pandemic which induced soaring rates of food insecurity, tons of perfectly decent food was just thrown away. This was driven by national directives,  state policy and private panic which coalesced to produce conditions that were insensitive to the struggles of those suffering from food insecurity. Strangely, I have not heard of any articles detailing the aftermath of this excessively shocking situation so I may look into it. Sadly, it seems that the nation has moved on from this without addressing the issue at hand. I think we should revisit the issue, so here it is.



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